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Mountain biking 300km across the Canadian Rockies is a challenge for even a seasoned athlete, but for a man who was told he would never walk again, it's a miracle.

Mountain hiking, rock climbing, & mountain biking were all activities that school teacher Mark Ivancic or "Mr. I" as known by his students, thrived on.   Until the unexpected happened in 2019,  when Mark had a stroke that left him bedridden and paralyzed on his left side.  

The outlook was bleak, simply walking again was looking doubtful.  But anyone who knows Mr. I, knows he doesn't go down without a fight.   Through months of grueling rehabilitation and battling depression he regained his ability to walk, ride, and inspire. 

He is now set to ride his bike on the 300km trek from Jasper to Banff, a route full of steep rocky mountain inclines and unpredictable weather.  To prove to himself and inspire others that limitations are only the ones you believe about yourself.


This will be a 3 minute teaser video introducing the audience to the story.  It will have a compelling hook drawing in the audience to invest in the story and see if Mark will overcome this challenge.

Placeholder video:  Mini Doc Matt recently completed.

Video interview with Mark in his home sharing a "BRIEF" to the point story of who he is (stories of teaching, active in the outdoors), the tragedy, and what impact this had on his life, his audacious goal of biking from Jasper to Banff

Story B-roll:  Showing mark preparing his bike for the journey, Mark walking down his street (visuals on physical imparments), print out old photos before the accident

Beautiful Landscape


The vision is to create a Canadian-made documentary that inspires viewers to overcome and push through their own challenges.   While also raising awareness and attention towards stroke, which impacts 300,000 Canadians across the nation. 

Beautiful Landscape



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