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Your Wedding Film

We truly believe your film is something meant to be held onto and passed on for generations, sharing the story of how your family began.  It goes so much deeper than just documenting a day, but giving insight into you as a couple shared with those closest to you.

Our goal is to focus on the real emotions of your day and the interactions that will truly matter to you over time. The moment when a father and daughter exchange glances before taking that first step down the aisle. The speechless emotions that come over the groom when he sees his bride for the first time. The pure energy of what it feels like to have your closest friends and family celebrating the most important day of your life, with you.



Pleased to meet you

Before we both say "I do" to one another and go on this incredible journey of creating your wedding film, it's important we first discuss what you desire in a wedding film and what your expectations are.  We want to answer all of your questions upfront, as well, we have a few questions to learn about you.  This lets us know if we are going to be the right fit for one another. 

(Due to the limited number of weddings we choose to take on each year, it's crucial we both feel we are going to be a great fit together)

I do

Once we have all decided that we would be a great fit , we sign the agreement and officially secure your wedding date on the Integra films calendar


This is the time that we really dig deep to learn your story and history as a couple.   We meet a few weeks before the wedding to go through our detailed couples questionnaire.   Asking how you met, why you were attracted to each other, specific memories, why you proposed the way you did etc.   This gives us huge insight into who you are as a couple and what style your film will be.    As well, we go through details of the wedding day itself so we can develop a solid plan of how we are going to film it.   

Filming tips

We want your film to look and feel incredible!  But this does take a little guidance on the wedding day to ensure everything looks its best.  We will send over a quick video and document giving you tips on how you can help ensure your film looks its best. Such as ensuring your hair and makeup chair is set up near a window to give bright natural light for the film.  Or, that your schedule of events gives us enough time at the reception to set up lighting on the speech podium or dance floor to achieve a professional look.

The wedding day

As we already gathered so much information about your story and details before the wedding day, we go into this day confident of how your film is already going to look and what moments we are going to capture.  We understand your style, have studied the itinerary so we have no surprises, and have learned what moments and people are most important to you.  We give natural guidance on the day of to ensure each shot looks its best, (no cheesy staged shots, just recommendations such as moving near a window for better light, or to pose you in a more flattering way) 

The edit

This is where your story comes to life!  We dedicate ourselves to crafting your wedding film with intention.  We harmonize each shot, with words spoken, and selectively chosen music to tell a genuine story.  We literally watch through every second of footage from every camera angle and piece together your film moment by moment.  Every shot, the words chosen, and music selection is done with intention and purpose.




full speeches edit


10-12 Hours of coverage

2 Cinematographers 

Story driven Film

Full Speech Edit

The 10-12 minute feature film is the perfect fit for the majority of our couples. It gracefully balances the emotional impact while highlighting the best moments of your day.   The result is a dynamic edit that seamlessly moves through your wedding day, and lends its focus to the story elements that help make your film unique.

As well,  the fully edited speeches shared by your closest friends and family are included as a seperate video.  Typically the speeches are captured with 2 cameras + wireless mics.  In editing, we sync the cameras and mics together to create a seamless edit with clean sound and cuts to different angles and people reactions.

To achieve this edit, we allot 10-12  hours of coverage with 2 cinematographers for the full day, this ensures we capture all the necessary moments to properly create your film.   We include wireless mics to capture clear sound for your most important moments such as vows, speeches, & letter readings. 


As well we meet for a  consultation, either in person or via video chat to gain a clear understanding of your style, story, and important moments to you.  


A la carte

Choose your options to add to the base package

Having trouble deciding?  Items can be added up to 7 days before the wedding date, once the base package is secured.

instagram teaser

60 second cinematic teaser for instagram.

facebook highlight

3-4 minute cinematic highlight to share with family and friends.

Full ceremony Edit

Enjoy the convenience of watching your entire wedding ceremony as it's own stand alone film. We typically capture it with 3-4 cameras and 3 wireless microphones. It is edited in such a way to cut between each camera angle at the right moment, to give the full experience.

Full speeches Edit

The personal words shared by family and friends are memories worth holding onto. Cherish the full speeches, cut between multiple camera angles and clear microphone sync.

Same day edit

3-5 minute cinematic highlight of the day, ready to show at your reception. (includes additional editor to create the film)

Additional hours of coverage







love story film

3-5 minute film sharing the story of how you met; Filmed at a location significant to the both of you or just someplace really beautiful. Shown at your reception. (filmed at least 4 weeks before the wedding)

15-20 minute film

Extend the length of the base film, we incorproate more stories and speeches shared by your friends and famil

raw footage

All footage from each camera, unedited, non-color graded, loaded onto a hard drive

personalized couples website

An online digital "DVD", complete with menus and styled presentation with lifetime hosting and digital download (example on the next page) . (Access your film from any wifi

connected device)

4k video delivery

4k is quickly becoming the high definition video standard. We are pleased to offer this option for couples to future proof their


starting at $800






feature film 10-12 minutes

Personal couples website

online dvd

(due to mobile restrictions this may not look proper on a phone, check out on a computer or tablet) 

instagram teasers

Instagram teasers can be fast and punchy or slow and sentimental, we create them to match the style of our couples.

Love Story Films

Love story films are filmed before the wedding day and shown at the reception sharing the story of how you first met and fell in love.   

Frequently Asked Question

Can we book the base package now and choose add ons later?

Absolutely! We Understand There Are A Lot of Options To Choose From. Feel Free To Add On Up To 7 Days Before The Wedding Date.

Can the base package be changed to remove anything or only have you film portions of the day?

The Quality Of Your Film Is Our Top Priority. We rely on various moments throughout the day to create a dynamic film. Without full day coverage, we can't provide the same quality as displayed on our website.

How do we secure our wedding date with Integra Films?

A 30% Deposit Of The Total Package Price Is

Required to Secure Your Wedding Date.

Do you work well with Photographers?

Yes!  Your photos are just as important as the video.  We contact your photographer before the wedding to introduce ourselves, And discuss a plan to work together that ensures your photos and videos turn out amazing!

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