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Here we are, your wedding was an incredible day full of love, laughter, and beautiful moments captured on video.

So, what happens next? When will you get to see your video?

As no 2 weddings are the same, we want to ensure that your film is custom crafted to reflect your day and your story. Properly doing this take the meticulous work of watching through every frame of video and listening to each piece of dialogue audio.   As we do this, we begin to formulate your film into an emotion driven story.  Deciding how to create a captivating intro by choosing appropriate music, styled imagery, sound effects, and dialogue.  As the story begins to take shape we continually experiment with different elements to craft your final film.

We search and source for the appropriate music, color grade each frame, and handle the more technical aspects of editing such as syncing together the multiple cameras and microphones from the ceremony to flow in harmony.

Current editing schedule

updated: Sept 1, 2021

Crafting each wedding film is a process, not a race to the finish line.  

As Integra Films also has a commercial division you may notice some wedding edits will be put on hold to accommodate rush marketing campaigns 

Currently in edit

Kendall + Charles

  • 10 minuted edit

  • Full ceremony Edit

Tricia + Adrian

  • 10 minuted edit

  • Full ceremony Edit

Editing que

Simran + Tahira

Andrea + Brandon

Tanner + Katie

Shaheer + Zara

Teresa + DJ

Amber + Jake

Sanshira + Mark

Sheena + Andrew

Kim + Sai

September + Jack

Kendra + Alex

Brian + Kiera

Frequently Asked Question

How many hours does a wedding edit take? 

This varies per wedding it can be anywhere from 20-50 hours to fully edit a wedding film

How long do you keep backups for?

Backups of raw footage are held for 8 months.  After this, we sadly must clear hard drives to make room for next seasons weddings

Can I purchase the raw footage?

You bet!   Raw footage can be purchased and placed on a portable hard drive so that you always have access to your to your memories.

How much space does the raw footage take?

As cameras improve in quality so does the size of the files they create.  Currently all the raw footage takes up 500GB-700GB per wedding.  At the end of a wedding season we typically have 10-12 Terabytes!  Which is backed up 3 times totalling 30 Terabytes!

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