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Mountain Range

I'm the founder and lead cinematographer with Integra Films.  I have filmed over 300 weddings in my over a decade of experience.  I love all aspects of film making!  Everything from knowing how to light a moment to convey an emotion, to understanding how camera movement takes a viewer on a journey.  Seriously even on family vacations I can't help but trying to get epic shots of my kids, the location, and the full experience.  

Hey! I'm Matt
Nice to meet you!

Combining Film-making
with Weddings

My journey into weddings was rocky to say the least!  Thank you to those first couples who gave me a chance when I had no idea what I was doing!  Over the years I learned how to combine beautiful cinematography with weddings.  Understanding the flow and timelines of weddings and how to get beautiful imagery while still keeping on schedule for your day.   This also transitions into crafting wedding films in the editing stage.  My style has grown and changed so much over the years, experimenting with different styles, music, and features.  I am passionate about creating wedding films that have a "wow" factor and bring the viewer into each moment.  To be more than just a replay of footage but invite you to get lost in the story.

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