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Newlywed Couple

Expert wedding film-makers on your side

we guide you through the filmmaking process and share the secrets of how we craft a Powerful film  

An incredible wedding film takes intention and planning to craft a story that will stand the test of time.

Our 10 years of experience have taught us that it takes more than just showing up with a camera on the wedding day and pressing record. We share with you what elements make for an emotion-driven film, how to achieve lighting that feels cinematic, and how we set up and schedule "epic" looking shots to create a sequence. We give guidance and direction on the wedding day helping you feel comfortable and confident on camera.

More than just another couple

We sit down with each of our couples and learn your story, everything from how you first met and what you were feeling in that moment, to your best memories with each other, & challenges you've overcome together. 

After knowing these elements of your story, we develop a plan of how to incorporate these pieces of your story into the wedding film.  This can be achieved through dialogue such as letter readings, custom vows, or speeches. Knowing your story also helps us understand your style, and create a film that reflects your values.

We truly believe your wedding film is about more than just the wedding day, it's meant to share your story.  To be passed on for generations, sharing the tale of how your family began. 

Holding Hands

The right tools to capture each moment

Wireless microphones to capture clear crisp sound

When watching our films you may not even consider how we capture dialogue so clearly.   Everything from letter readings, vows, and speeches are captured on discrete wireless microphones. As well, we connect to DJ soundboards for direct microphone feeds, ensuring clean audio of your most important moments.

Multiple cameras

Some moments only happen once, we need to capture it right the first time.  For moments such as your ceremony, we have 3-4 cameras rolling, allowing us to capture the bride walking down the aisle, the groom's face as she approaches, a beautiful wide shot of the whole venue, and close-ups of friends and family reactions. 

Drones, gimbals, & sliders

We have the tools such as drones to capture epic beautiful ariel shots, & gimbals to capture smooth cinematic imagery.  These tools bring your film to another level.  We firmly believe these are only tools to aid in telling a story. When watching your film in 20 years, it's not the drone shots that you will cherish, it's the emotion & moments with the people you love.

Traditional Ritual

3 backups to protect your data

Protecting your raw wedding files is serious business!  We create 2 local backups of your wedding, with one being on a standard hard drive and the 2nd being on a RAID backup drive.   In addition, a 3rd backup is stored on a secure offsite cloud storage which keeps it protected in the unlikely event of a physical disaster.  (please note it can take up to 30 days to fully back up all raw wedding files to the cloud. Raw wedding files are only stored for up to 8 months after the wedding date)

Digital delivery

Your completed wedding film will be hosted on its own website for 10 years and operates similar to a DVD disc.  Complete with menus, background images, and the ability to download the files to your own device.  This format is easy to share and view on a multitude of different devices including smartphones, tablets, & television. While still giving you the ability to keep it private with a password if you choose.

Bride and Groom






-18-20 Hours of coverage                   (Max 12 hours in one day)

- 15- 20 minute cinematic feature

- Sangeet highlight film: 20-30 mins

- Reception Highlight: 40- 60 mins

- 2 Cinematographers

- Drone (weather and restrictions)

- Three 4K cameras 

- Wireless microphones

- Gimbals + Sliders 

The 20 minute feature film is the perfect fit for the majority of our couples. It gracefully balances the emotional impact while highlighting the best moments of your day.   The result is a dynamic edit that seamlessly moves through your wedding day, and lends its focus to the story elements that help make your film unique.  As well, separate longer highlight videos are created for sangeet, mehndi, and the reception.  You can add additional videos such as a next day edit or a full ceremony edit from our add ons page below.

To achieve this edit, we allot 18-20 hours of coverage for the week (max 12 hours/day) with 2 cinematographers for the festivities.  For more main events we use up to four 4k cameras to capture a variety of angles in real-time and cut between them in editing for a dynamic look and feel.   We include drones (weather and restrictions apply), 4K cinema camera, wireless mics to capture clear sound.  

As we want your film to look its very best, we meet with you before the wedding and send over explainer videos about the film making process and what you can do to ensure each moment is captured in style.  We also use this opportunity to learn your story, your style, and what moments are most important to you.   With a solid plan and understanding of who you are, we confidently step into your wedding prepared capture your most important memories for years to come.


Young Love

A la carte

Choose your options to add to the base package

Having trouble deciding?  Selections can be added up to 7 days before the wedding date, once the base package is secured.

instagram teaser

60 second cinematic teaser for instagram.

facebook highlight

3-4 minute cinematic highlight to share with family and friends.

Full ceremony Edit

Enjoy the convenience of watching your entire wedding ceremony as it's own stand alone film. We typically capture it with 3-4 cameras and 3 wireless microphones. It is edited in such a way to cut between each camera angle at the right moment, to give the full experience.

MAIYA highlight video: 20-30 mins

Experience the entire Chooda ceremony and the festivities that happen the night before the wedding Day.

Chooda Highlight Video






Enjoy watching every family member and guest partake in blessing the couple with bright yellow turmeric paste!  (watch out for those mischievous cousins, they always have something extra up their sleeve.). These portions will also be in the main film but not extensively, we will show only the highlight moments with closest family members. 

love story film

3-5 minute film sharing the story of how you met; Filmed at a location significant to the both of you or just someplace really beautiful. Shown at your reception. (filmed at least 4 weeks before the wedding)

Fully Edited performances

We film performances/dances done by your family and friends with up to 3 cameras to get a variety of angles.  Get these performances as stand-alone videos that cut between the different angles for a professional look, to share with friends and family.

next day edit

Wow your guests with a cinematic next day edit, showcasing

all the wedding events from the week in a 3-5 minute cinematic highlight film, ready to show at the reception!  

Additional hours 

starting at $1000




raw footage

All footage from each camera, unedited, non-color graded, loaded onto a hard drive.

4k is quickly becoming the high definition video standard. We are pleased to offer this option for couples to future proof their



4k video delivery



This is what a digital DVD looks and operates like.  It has menus and options to navigate around, but is also sharable with friends and family to easily watch on mobile devices, apple tv, or their computer.  The hosting services provider includes 10 years of hosting your video online.


This example also showcases an extended feature film as well as full length ceremonies and speeches.

Personal couples website
online dvd
(due to mobile restrictions this may not look proper on a phone, check out on a computer or tablet) 

instagram teasers

Instagram teasers can be fast and punchy or slow and sentimental, we create them to match the style of our couples.

Love Story Films

Love story films are filmed before the wedding day and shown at the reception sharing the story of how you first met and fell in love.   

Frequently Asked Question

Can we book the base package now and choose add ons later?

Absolutely! We Understand There Are A Lot of Options To Choose From. Feel Free To Add On Up To 7 Days Before The Wedding Date.

Can the base package be changed to remove anything or only have you film portions of the day?

The Quality Of Your Film Is Our Top Priority. We rely on various moments throughout the day to create a dynamic film. Without full day coverage, we can't provide the same quality as displayed on our website.

How do we secure our wedding date with Integra Films?

A 30% Deposit Of The Total Package Price Is

Required to Secure Your Wedding Date.

Do you work well with Photographers?

Yes!  Your photos are just as important as the video.  We contact your photographer before the wedding to introduce ourselves, And discuss a plan to work together that ensures your photos and videos turn out amazing!



We are so excited to be shooting all of our weddings on the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.  This camera gives us cinematic capabilities that are unmatched in the wedding space.  Allowing for dynamic colors, high dynamic range, and 12-bit color space, giving us flexibility in post-production to color grade like never before.  

Although we do believe a camera is just a tool,  just as owning a hammer doesn't give you the ability to build a house, owning a powerful camera doesn't automatically guarantee a cinematic masterpiece.  The Black Magic camera finally allows us to bring to life cinematic imagery we have always envisioned but lacked the capability due to the limitations of other cameras. 

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